Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sandy's Space CUTE box!

I LOVE CraftGossip.  Just the collection of ideas there is staggering.  I get the digest in my email each day, and each morning, I look forward to what it has to offer!

Yesterday, it had this C-U-T-E as can be flip top box from Sandy's Space.  I mean, how cute can you get?

Source: Sandy's Space

I saw the box and IMMEDIATELY thought:  MTC! SO, I spent the morning, and YES it took me most of the morning, I am new to converting files, making this file into an SVG and MTC file to cut on your cutter! 

MTC works with a variety of cutters: all Cricut machines (excluding the Imagine), Gazzelle, Craft ROBO, Silhouette, BlackCat Cougar, can cut anything you can imagine with MTC! It's an amazing program that has really cracked open the abilities of your machine!

Go to Sandy's Space and check out her amazing site and creations!

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