Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lunch bag/treat sack I created ~~ and some cute tags!

I posted this cute little treat bag on the MTC forum, but also wanted to share it here!  Nelda, from MTC and Me, did this awesome post and showcased the little bags...
source: Nelda, MTC and Me
My original design was the taller one on the left, and she graciously modified it to the cute little one on the right that I actually used for my daughter's class treats just this week!

Oh, and these darling little tags?  I got them from Bella Grey Designs, and they just fit SO perfectly with my little colorful bags!!  I think they are still giving them away as a freebie if you email them~~

Forgive me for the many pictures, I was just so tickled with the way they came out, and I'm so proud that they are MY design!  If you would like the file, just post here and I can post it for anyone who wants! =)


Thanks for looking, and visiting just jayma!

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