Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hello again!! (with free printable!)

I know I've been MIA, (and I know no one probably noticed!  LOL) but I've actually been BUSY crafting!!!

My hubby and I notched out a craft room from a small unused breakfast nook in our house.  We built the cabinets, put the countertop on and viola, a custom made work table!  I'm not finished installing my junk in the room yet, or with all my decor ideas, but I've got my custom track lighting in, so you can finally see all the crap on my table.  LOL  It has become a catch all of sorts, and I caught the kids eating breakfast (cereal with milk!! AGH!!!) on it the other day, but I'm slowly but surely claiming the space as mine.  I'll post pictures soon!

I've also been put in co-charge of decorations for my mom's upcoming wedding!  How exciting and daunting at the same time!  We are finishing up announcements (will post pics!) and a few other crafts and having a lot of fun!  Only 3 weeks until the big day!

This little project was inspired by a song we learned in Primary in our church this year. The song is called, "Stand for the Right," and can be heard here.  (WARNING: This will open a Windows Media Player that will automatically play this song.)

I spent a few hours making a printable, I don't know if anyone actually wants it, but I thought the idea was unique.  I dont' know if I like it with the "dot" in the puzzle space, but eh, it works.  I have a bunch of different colors I did, but am showcasing the green because that is my 7 year old's FAVE right now.  LOL  She actually says FAVE.  LOL

I'm new at uploading printables, so if this doesn't work, let me know *(all 16 of you, most of whom don't even want it!  LOL) =)

Go here, to BoxNet to download the color of your choice!  If I didn't do one you are interested in, let me know, I can whip one up, but I'll warn you, it is a fairly simple creation, you could probably do it yourself. =)

Thanks for visiting justjayma, and have a great day!