Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hand Made Valentines!

Every year, I raid the after-holiday sales and score boxes of Valentine's for 10 cents or less.  And EVERY YEAR, I forget where I put them, and have to buy new ones at full price.

NOT this year! I pulled out my new (well, less than a year now, I got it for my birthday last year, Feb 19th) Cricut, and got to work!

First up, my 3rd grader (boy)
My son's valentines
The idea came from here, Zakka Life, but with my twist! I converted it to a MTC file so I could mass produce them ~ they turned out so cute, and unique!  My son got to pick the colors and he loved them so much, he made sure to write himself one...LOL

Now my daughter:  She would have been happy with pretty much anything, but I had in my head this idea I couldn't get out....

Do you all remember WeePuls? I used to LOVE those things!  They would "give" them away for "earning" so much for magazine sales in school or whatever?  Well, I couldn't get them off my mind, and I got to thinking, they should be easy to create ~ they were SO SIMPLE, but I'm going to be brutally honest here:  I'm an idiot!  LOL

Okay, so we live in a SMALL town, about 8,000 people. We have NO CRAFT stores around....nearest one is 60 miles away, and with kids in sports, ballet and other activities, I can't just pick up and go, so I don't get there much. We have Wal-Mart, and it's tiny craft section or the internet. Now, I could have ordered some pom poms off the internet and made them SO MUCH CHEAPER but by the time I thought of this, it was too late to order.  So Wal-Mart it was.  But they had NO 2" or larger pom poms, except in the "variety pack." Those packs had 4 large ones, and the rest were small. So what did I do?  Bought 6 packs of the variety pack for those large ones....spending $18 on pom poms!  FAINT!  It was SO unlike me; I'm usually SO frugal, only buying on sale AND with coupons...but I had made up my mind...LOL Anyway, here are our final creations!

I even added the ribbon stamped with "Happy Valentine's Day," just like the original WeePuls!

Oh, and get this, I ended up having to go to the craft store 60 miles away anway, the day Saturday before Valentine's, and I checked at Joanne's and guess what they had?  Giant pom poms, in a variety pack, of course, but with at least 10 per pack, for only 3.99 a pack.  Oy.

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  1. I really like the different colors you used for the guitars. They came out great!

    The Weepul valentines are cute too!

    Thanks for sharing the links.