Sunday, February 20, 2011

Corsage and hair thingy

Tonight was the annual Daddy/Daughter Dinner/Dance.  My little girl looks forward to this EVERY year, and this year, it landed on my birthday....sad for me, huh?  Not really.  =)  I didn't mind at all.  My two boys and I rented a movie and played with my birthday present (a new puppy!! SO CUTE!)

But anyway, I made a couple things for my daughter for her outfit.  A wrist corsage, and a hair thingy....

Don't you just LOVE my technical terms??  LOL  I didn't want to call it a hair "bow" because it's really not a bow....but it's a hair SOMETHING...LOL  I made this to coordinate my my daughter's adorable polka dotted dress.  I got the tutorial from Flexible Dreams, a site I just discovered and L-O-V-E!  Here is how mine turned out...I might have to get a couple more pictures, because this is the ONLY one I got....

I like it, but don't LOVE it...I think I need some practice, which my daughter won't mind, because she adores all things girly.

Daddy always forgets to get her a corsage, and I end up running around trying to get one at the last minute.  NOT THIS YEAR! I googled and came up with Lilly Cakes Felt Valentine Wrist Corsage.  PERRRRRFECT!

Yeah, no. I only WISH mine looked like hers.  I wanted mine all big and bold like the fab lady at Lilly Cakes.......but mine didn't turn out that way. So I tried to add an extra layer around the rose to compensate. FAIL.  To make matters worse, I had to go and add garrish GLITTER to it because I knew my little Jo would love it.  And it turned from kinda cute into hideous.  But oh well.  She was so pleased with it...and you can see how well it goes with her dress!


So it was a hit with her, and Jeff (my darling hubbs) says she was quite proud of it, and THAT is what counts.

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  1. I think it is precious! What a special gift you gave your daughter for a special night. I love it! Thanks for the mention and for leaving a comment on my blog. ~Molly (lilly cakes)

  2. Awesome! I will have to try that for my girls they would LOVE it! I'm glad mom told me about your blog.