Friday, May 25, 2012


I got to test this AWESOME and fun pattern, from Cole's Corner and Creations.  Let me say, I NEVER thought I would sew a swimsuit.  First off, I'm just a beginner sewist.  Or is it sewer?  Anyway, I've really only been doing it for about a year, except for the one or two dresses I made for my daughter when she was 1. So swimsuits were WAY out of my league.  UNTIL I got THIS pattern from Cole.

This pattern makes it so easy!  Well, depending on the fabrics you use...LOL  I went with some flimsier fabrics, and learned along the way that patience is a virtue when sewing with these!  But the pattern itself was so well written, and let me tell you, Cole was right there to help me when I got stuck!   I know I will for sure be making more swimsuits from this darling pattern!! Run get this pattern today!


  1. Oh gosh. Thank you so much Jayma.
    I love those pictures of your daughter!

  2. What a pretty swimsuit! And your beautiful little girl looks so happy in it. Great work Jayma!